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Derek Jungaria and Martha Sitzler

We are Pitjantjatjurra and Warlpiri and come from Central Australia. We have been painting together for 4 years. All of paintings, are of our grandfathers and grandmothers dreaming.

Karen Taylor

I was born in Port Augusta South Australia. I started painting when I was 11 years old, because I had to help my grandmother, as she lost her eye sight. I lived in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, for 24 years, where I learnt a lot more about Aboriginal paintings. I saw the different styles that each group had. I now have my own style, using stories my grandmother had taught me.

Mark Jabarula Cooke

I come from the Walpri group, from Yuendumu Community, which is about 380 km North West of Alice Springs, in the Tanami Desert, Northern Territory. I paint what I see and my people. Thankyou.

Joylene Presley

I come from Amata Community via Alice Springs. I paint all the stories of my people and where I come from.

Wayne Bright

I'm an Adnyamathanha man, from Flinders Ranges South Australia. I have lived in the Northern Territory for several years, where I developed a skill in Aboriginal Art. I have been painting now for 16 years and have dealt with most prestige galleries such as Argiel (Sydney), Gallery of Desert Dreaming (Melbourne) etc. I paint both traditional and fine/contemporary art. Thankyou for reading my profile.

Cara Archer

I come from Marreba Queensland. My family are well known artists and have been painting for a long time. The paintings I do are from the stories about our land. I really enjoy painting, thankyou for taking the time to look at my art.

Isabella Taylor

I was born on Roxby Downs Station in Outback South Australia, before uranium was found there. My father and grandparents were full blood Kookatha people. My mother's people and grandparents were full blood Antikirinya, Yankuntjatjara, Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte, including Irish from my mum's side.
When I was a small child I remember traveling from Roxby Downs to Woomera, then to Andamooka by camel and buggy or camel cart. The trips were slow and relaxing and I was able to jump off and pick a wild-flower or wild peach I spotted or do things that one can't normally do, when traveling by car. At night I slept under the stars nestled between my parents or grandparents.
They would tell me stories about the many stars, the moon and the sounds of crickets, animals scurrying about the darkness or the occasional howling dingo. The only light aside from the moon and stars was the beautiful big fire crackling away. I always made sure I was in the middle of everyone or nearest to the fire!
My Painting is what I have seen around from my childhood until now. I paint the way I see things in the beautiful creation, with traditional dots and stories. I try to stick to the colours of nature to keep the true identity of my little characters.
I now live in Port Augusta, with the beautiful Flinders Ranges and Desert Lands as my back yard. Thankyou for reading my brief story and appreciating my work.

Gary Wilson-Reid

I have been painting for 20 years. I come from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, South Australia. I paint my peoples stories.

Rosie (Nyarapai) Edwards

Along time ago they use to call Everard Park, Mimili. It is surrounded by big red hills and by a lot of dreaming. I started doing paintings when I was 11 years old. When I do paintings, I go with the dreaming stories. I also do wood art which include lizards, drumsticks, baskets and birds, all from logs of wood. I also make them into a Emu with eggs sitting in the bush.

Maureen Williams

I was born and raised in Coober Pedy, but undertook my secondary schooling in Port Augusta and Adelaide. Im well known for my landscape and dot art depicting my families stories who are from the Yankuntjatjara and Eastern Arrernte in Utopia.



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