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                                "The Flinders Ranges & the Outback's "Tunnel of Time"

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                                                               Nw that you've got the story... get on out there and enjoy it!

Deceptively small from the outside, you'll be surprised at how expansive and impressive Wadlata's "Tunnel of Time" is.  It is like Dr Who's Tardas, it just keeps going and going but you will certainly find out why Wadlata has won six State Tourism Awards. 

The first thing you will see is Max, the giant Ripper Lizard.  Creep through his giant jaws to be transported back to the creation of the Flinders Ranges and Outback.  Learn about fossils, the Mound Springs along the Oodnadatta Track and how Akurra, the Rainbow Serpent gouged out the Gorges to make the Flinders Ranges.  You will soon understand what this land means to the people who first owned, explored and settled there. 

Join the early explorers, on their brave treks; some even went looking for an inland sea. See how camels, ships, bikes, horses and cattle opened up this vast land.  Take time out to watch and listen to the tales of the early settlers, of bullockies, wheat, drought and disasters in the three-screen theatre.

Pedal the radio and be a kid on the School of the Air or find out how the royal Flying Doctor Service meets the needs of people in remote areas.  Try your hand at Morse code or just relax and watch the epic, Back of Beyond; Tom KRUSE's Mail Run up the Birdsville Track.  Ever wondered how station folk kept in touch... the old telephone switchboard provided a real Party Line for many stations along the tracks.  In one of the newest displays, the G'Day Mate theatre you will meet the real people of the Outback.  Find out why they settled out there and why they are still there today.  Go underground at the Olympic Dam Mine and experience a real blast.  Check out the precious metals, minerals and the beautiful opals at Coober Pedy and Andamooka.   In the Spot Light theatre you will find out what happens to the delicate plants and animals during times of drought and when the rain returns.  

There is just so much to see, it will make you want to head into the Outback to experience it all.  If you do not have time to finish the Tunnel of Time", just ask for your "Pass Out", to return free of charge when you can. (Conditions apply)

Wadlata is a real surprise packet as it is also the regions award winning accredited Visitor Information Centre, so it is well advised to make this centre your first stop. You will be able to book your accommodation, a tour, a ride on the Pichi Richi Steam Train or a water cruise to the top of the Gulf.  The staff will make sure you leave with all the tourist information for your trip ahead. 

The gift shop has a large selection of Australian Made gifts to take home and the Outback Tuckerbox makes a great coffee or a pot of tea, made with real tea leaves. And you'll find the Quandong cheesecake and slice irresistible but the Bushman or Malu (kangaroo) burger made with their local native bush chutney or chilli Quandong sauce is a must.

 Plan to stay a while...

Copies of our School Work Sheets are available upon request, to enable schools to plan their visit.

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